Abuse, Harassment & Misconduct

St. Albert Alliance Church (StAAC) desires to help everyone flourish in faith and life. We seek to create safe environments where you can encounter God through worship, learning, serving and engaging in community with others. We do everything we can to ensure our environments are safe spaces. We perform background checks and require everyone who works with minors to participate in “Plan to Protect” training , whether they are serving in a paid or unpaid capacity. Our staff are expected to conduct themselves with integrity in everything they do and uphold the teachings of Jesus as revealed in the Bible. Our pastors and licensed workers also agree to abide by The Alliance Canada’s Call to Excellence. We will not tolerate any form of abuse, harassment or sexual misconduct by our pastors, employees or volunteers.
All complaints or concerns of misconduct will be taken seriously and investigated with integrity and fairness with respect for the well-being of complainants and other involved parties.  We have partnered with our denomination, The Alliance Canada, to create a system of reporting misconduct that will ensure appropriate investigation and accountability. The link below will take you to The Alliance Canada’s website, where you can submit concerns and complaints to an independent national advisor. Information about allegations and complaints will be kept confidential to the extent possible. If the individual experiencing abuse is a minor, it must be reported immediately to the police and child abuse line.

If you are experiencing any form of abuse, harassment or sexual misconduct, we want to help. If the misconduct you experienced was by or through a ministry of StAAC, please report it using the link above so our denomination representative can begin to help you. If the misconduct was not associated with StAAC, please contact us by phone at 780.458.5335 or by email, and we will help you to find freedom from abuse, harassment or sexual misconduct. We recognize that you may not be comfortable talking with us about your situation, so we have included a list of other agencies and resources to help you.
Any questions or comments regarding this page or the practices described may be directed to the StAAC Board of Elders.